Young White Women are Pure Evil

white trash

Do normie young white women in America legit and unironically hate white men like /pol/ seems to suggest frequently? As a bong who lives in a 99% white area I find it very hard to imagine desu But with everything I see here, it seems like most white girls are fucking blacks and browns constantly + spend all day talking about how much they hate you online and want you to die. Obviously that cannot be true but what’s actually going on irl? Do they hate you for real? This is so bizarre as someone looking in from the outside.

Well it does seem to be true. Average white woman in America or the West is a total cunt. I say let the niggers have the West. All the smart white men need to move out and to Russia, Asia, South America, etc and start a new life. The West is lost and will soon collapse. Let the stupid white whores get raped by niggers