Zelda 64 is and Was an Amazing Game

zelda 64

The definitive version of Ocarina of Time, the 3DS version is garbage. 3DS is better in literally every way though. Thegraphical upgrade on the 3DS is more like a remake rather than an upgrade of the original style, not to mention far too bright and childish.

There’s tons of censored content, such as changingthe symbols that look like the Islamic crest, adding scales to Ruto to make her look less naked, and removing blood, bodies, and torture devices down the well area in Kakariko village.

The game has no counter for the amount of times you died, which discourages perfect plays.Fairies refill all of your hearts, which makes the game far too easy when you catch and bottle a few.Navi is even more annoying, telling you to take breaks, and holding your hand far too often.Neutered Water Temple with clear pointers where to go and what to do.

And poor controls such as the terrible remapping of the ocarina songs that makes you accidentally press the wrong button, and the automatic stancing towards enemies making it way too easy to not get hit.

None of this makes the OG better. It’s also played on a smaller screen with a brightness adjuster and 3D effect.

The original is already easy enough, the changes don’t really make a difference at all. Any adult with working arms can 1CC the original game with no trouble.

Hard disagree on controls, what a shitty meme argument. The original is an atmospheric masterpiece made by one of the most talented teams in the history of the medium working at their peak power. And the remake is an aesthetic joke made by talentless nobodies. Ohhh, the framerate’s higher. Who cares. v1.0 on a real n64 on a CRT is the only way to play this game, and if you’re doing it any other way you’re playing a different (worse) game.